3 ways to make your staircase more interesting

3 ways to make your staircase more interesting

Staircases are very beautiful and important features in our houses. They are landmarks that everyone will look at when they enter the house. They are supposed to look interesting and that depends on the creativity of the owner of the house. Whether you are a professional interior designer or not, you will agree with me at some point that staircase should be well kept. The good thing is that you don’t need to be a professional designer to make them look interesting. In this article, we will discuss the three ways through which you can make your staircase more interesting. 

  • Putting lighting in the entrance way

Lighting is very important at this point. You can either put some bright light or the colour of bulbs should match with the theme colour of the staircase. In this regard, the staircase will also be safe for the people who want to use it because they can easily see where they are stepping. It reduces the chances of ever falling due to darkness missteps. That light plays a leading role in beautifying the staircase and showcasing excellence in the making of the staircase. 

  • Showing up the timber

Expensive timber communicates volumes about how you value competent work. Whether the floor is tiled or timber floored, the staircase is another thing. When you put good wooden floor on its surface, it becomes very interesting. The handles and frames around should be polished enough to match the timber of the staircase. Some types of timber like mahogany have been put on the map to symbolise opulence. You can always see the difference between a tiled staircase and the wooden one. For the sake of making it look great and interesting, you better show up the timber. 

  • Decorating with a vase and portraits

Making the wall around the staircase busy is very important as a way of decoration. However, not everything can be used to decorate that part. You may look for a beautifully designed vase and allocate it at the staircase preferably at the top edged corner. Everyone using the staircase will see the beautiful vase which will symbolize taste and preference for good items. You may also add some portraits or drawings along those walls and it look very interesting.


To conclude, there are very many ways through which you can make your staircase look beautiful. However, the above-mentioned ways are the best. They will make your staircases look appealing, well-thought and professionally designed especially if they are combined together.