Cleaning hacks for busy families

Cleaning hacks for busy families

It is sometimes very hard for some families to get enough time to do everything in their homes. They find themselves very busy and without much time to attend other activities around their houses. In this way, the house may remain untidy and people don’t have time for cleaning, we will discuss several cleaning hacks for busy families. 

Cleaning the shower when you are there

Instead of planning time to clean the shower, be sure to clean it when you go to shower. It will take less time because you already have the mood. This is as opposed to when you postpone thinking that you can do it later. You will be clean and you will leave the shower clean but don’t use powerful detergents that can suffocate you. 

Using a timer for accountability to clean

A timer can be very good in guiding you concerning the time you need to clean up. Since time is limited, time yourself for specific tasks and operate with the allocated time. After you are timed out, you can plan for the next assignment. You should group activities according to their order of priority. 

Using electronic leaning devices to save time

Electronic gadgets can be very helpful when you want to clean and you don’t have enough time. These gadgets make work easier and you are able to plan for the next work. If you use a vacuum cleaner for instance, it will be very easy for you unlike when you would be using your own hands. You will definitely save a lot of time. 

Store items strategically not to waste time

When you develop a habit of storing things strategically, you will become naturally organized. Being organized means that you will always know where you have kept your items when you need them. In this way, you will not waste time finding them. 

Have a cleaning routine

Ensure that you don’t just clean up when you feel like. At times, you will not feel like doing it and your house may end up very dirty, smelly and inhabitable. To avoid such discrepancies, you need to establish a routine for cleaning. That routine will place on you a definite responsibility and help you to perform better because you don’t want to break the routines. 

Don’t wash clean clothes 

If your clothes are not dirty, don’t wash them. You should know the kinds of clothes are supposed to be cleaned when you wear them once. Others like shoes and coats should be spared when they are not dirty. This will help you and you will only clean the clothes that really need to be cleaned. That alone can save your time and you can manage to attend your busy schedules.


To conclude, this article has proved that you can be busy and still manage to keep your home clean. If you can keenly follow the listed hacks, you will always have a clean home despite being busy with work and other engagements.