Low maintenance indoor plants for every home

Low maintenance indoor plants for every home

Most people like it when their homes are filled with home plants. Home plants are lively when they are kept at home. Most of them do not even place demand on you for the sake of maintenance. You are therefore not under pressure even when you are away from home for one week. These plants will still flourish and you will not need to be tied to their maintenance. This article discusses some of the home plants and do not require a lot of maintenance. 


This is a symbol of devotion and love which most people appreciate. It is one of the most reliable and low maintenance home plants. So long as you can water it once in a while, the plant will not keep you busy. You will have it symbolic of your love and devotion to your family.

Peace lily

This plant is very common in many homes because of its low maintenance requirements. You do not need to water it regularly or to even allow direct sunlight for it to thrive. It is not necessarily a lily plant but its low requirements make it possible for most people to have it as a home plant. You can even put it under the window and it can enjoy indirect sunlight which will still be good for its good.


Devil’s lily

This is one of the home plants that is easy to grow and maintain. In most places, the plant is liked because of its ability to adapt to different conditions. Even in worse conditions like that of lack of water, the plants are still able to grow. In fact, it produces healthy vines even without water and it will still be fine. It is perfect when kept indoors because it can possibly choke other plants out there in the field.


Chinese evergreen 

This is one of the most ideal plants for people who want to start gardening and it is always on minimum maintenance. It is one of the most durable home plants especially meant for indoor purposes. You can water them once in a while but that does not affect their ability to thrive with scarcity of water. The only thing you can do to make the plant thrive better is maybe to add fertilizer once or twice a year. 



In conclusion, you need home plants that will not demand so much from you. You will need home plants that don’t require daily dressing. If you want to enjoy beautiful home plants that are easy to maintain, the above plants are the best for you.