Personalising your child’s bedroom

Creating wall art for children's rooms

There’s nothing nicer for kids than letting them put their own stamp on their bedrooms, but many children will need a little input and guidance as to what works and what might not, particularly younger children. Creating a unique space that your child feels comfortable in can really give them a sense of belonging and a safe space where they can enjoy playing and relaxing after a tough day at school. There are all kinds of ways you can create a personalised space for your child, and you can do lots of it yourself, no matter how crafty or creative you are.

Creating your own door plaque

When I was younger, I always had a plaque on my bedroom door. It was something I made myself with help from my Mum, and I created a few different ones as I grew up.

There are lots of different ways that you can create a door plaque for your child, and if you’re not too creative, then there are plenty of resources available to use online to help you out. For example, you can create a lovely plaque with your child’s name on using one of these handwriting fonts here. Handwriting fonts look really lovely for this kind of thing, as they give a really personal touch.

If you want to get your child involved and they’re old enough, then you could try creating a door plaque with cross stitch. This is something I remember doing with my Mum and I was so proud of the finished result.

Cross stitch

Choosing a theme

It’s always a good idea to choose a theme when you’re thinking of creating a special space for your child. Depending on their age, this could be something that they’re really into such as Pirates or Princesses, or even just an animal theme. When you’re deciding, it’s important to think about how long they’re likely to like that theme and how easy or expensive it will be to update the room when they grow out of it.

You can always just paint the walls neutral colours and add accessories related to your chosen theme so that it’s really quick and easy to update these as your child grows up! You could opt for duvet sets, curtains, cushions, throws and pictures to create a theme that they’ll love without going the whole hog and papering the walls in their chosen theme!

You could also just choose to create one feature wall where you could use a themed wallpaper or paint a mural. This provides a focal point and can really help to reflect your child’s personality, whilst still being fairly easy to update as they grow older.

Creating your own wall art

No matter how young or old your children are, it’s always possible to create wall art at home together. For really young children and babies, you can create all kinds of wonderful art using their foot prints and hand prints.

Hand Print Art

Remember that art that you create together doesn’t need to be “perfect” or look a certain way. It’s lovely to have your child’s work proudly on display, and using a pretty frame can really help to show it off.

Choosing a colour scheme together

As children get older, they often start to develop their own preferences and they may not match yours! Teenagers, for instance, can often opt for very bold colour choices given the chance. It’s important for you to listen to what your child likes and what colours they would prefer, whilst also guiding them a little towards what colours might work well together. I remember a friend of mine having her bedroom painted black when we were younger and she absolutely loved it. It was coordinated with neon signs and really bright accessories, and it actually worked really well. Don’t automatically dismiss any bold colour choices that your child makes, you could compromise by agreeing to paint just one wall in their chosen colour whilst leaving the rest of the room neutral, and then accessories the room with brighter colours so that it doesn’t look too dark.

Black bedroom

Remember that it’s your child that will be the one spending the most time in their bedroom, so it’s important that they have input into how it’s decorated and the accessories that go in there. But it’s also your home. Talk through suggestions with older children and even spend some time looking for inspiration online – pinterest is a great place to find ideas and see how other people have decorated their children’s’ bedrooms.