Should you have a feature wall?

Should you have a feature wall?

A feature wall is the kind of wall that adds more value, interest and energy to a room. The room could already be enjoying good colour, contrast, paintings and background but the feature wall helps to make it look even better. Most people do not know whether or not they should have a feature wall. In my opinion, a feature wall is beneficial in a number of ways. I therefore believe that you should have a feature wall and this article describes why you should have one.

It adds style and colour to the room

Feature wall decorates the house and makes it achieve a sense of style. Colour and style are seen everywhere when you put a feature wall. That means you can easily transform the state of your living room through the help of a feature well. Everyone likes good looking houses and yours can be one of them if a good feature wall is installed. 

It can be used to create additional rooms and save space

There are times that you will need to work from home without being distracted. If children are at home and you don’t have a study room, this can seem to be very difficult. You cannot ignore the fact that space is needed for you to study. In that case, you will not need to shift to a bigger house in search of space. You just need to have a feature wall installed and it will create space for you to study. 

Helps to demarcate spaces

There might be items in the house that you do not want to expose to everyone. You cannot simply cover them with table cloths or curtains. Some of them are delicate and you need to keep out of reach of children. In this way, you will need to use the feature wall and create demarcations for the space you need in the house. 

It expresses your priorities 

Just like themes and colours, feature walls are used to communicate certain messages. The one who installed will select themes and colours plus the styles that will be used. Everyone who will be keen enough to check will know the message being communicated. You can therefore express yourself through the feature walls in your house.


If you were at some point stranded on whether or not you need a feature wall, this article is your answer. It shows you by all standards that you can possibly integrate a feature wall in your home and it will be fine.