The growth of home & garden influencers

The growth of home & garden influencers

Pretty much the whole of 2020 was wiped out for many people as the Coronavirus pandemic swept across the world. As we cautiously begin 2021, it doesn’t look like life will get back to the way we once knew it any time soon! It has been a really tough twelve months for many of us, and we’ve ended up spending far more time stuck at home than ever before. Whilst not every part of lockdown has been good, there have been some positives to being forced to spend more time at home – including the opportunity to finally get all of those jobs done around the house.

Spending so much time in our own homes has prompted many people to start finally tackling the jobs around the house that they had been putting off for so long. Lots of people have been furloughed from their jobs, giving them time on their hands away from work whilst still receiving at least 80% of their usual income. Couple this with people being nervous about inviting tradesmen into the home because of the risk of spreading the virus, and lockdown has been a real DIY bonanza!


When it comes to doing any work around the house yourself, it’s always a good idea to carry out a little research beforehand. Many new DIY enthusiasts have turned to home & garden influencers over lockdown in order to get some inspiration for their own homes and learn some tips to ensure they get the jobs done properly.

When you think about it, it’s easy to see why home & garden influencers have seen such a big growth in their subscribers over the last year or so. We can’t go out browsing the shops and the showrooms for inspiration, so we’re having to turn to the internet to provide us with ideas for our homes instead.

As we go through 2021, I think this growth will continue, as we are likely to see more and more people continuing to stay safe at home rather than heading out in the way they once did. It will take a while for people to regain their confidence once the pandemic is over, so we are likely to see a bigger uptake in DIY projects than ever before.

People follow home & garden influencers for ideas and inspiration for all areas of their home and garden. Whether it’s revamping the kitchen on a budget, or figuring out whether to make a feature wall in your living room. It’s always helpful to see the things that people have done in their own home, how they’ve gone about it and what the finished product looks like before taking the plunge ourselves.

There are also lots of craft bloggers who provide tonnes of inspiration for creating your own, unique items that can provide the perfect decor for the home too. Whether it’s a floral pattern such as a rose svg for a bedroom, or a sporty basketball svg for the kids’ rooms, it’s never been easier to get into creating your own at home. There are so many talented craft bloggers who take all the stress away and show you step by step how each look can be achieved.

If you’re hoping to tackle some DIY projects around your own home, then it’s always a good idea to spend a little time seeing how others have done things, so that you can figure out what might look good in your own home, and work out how you’re going to tackle the project. Home and garden influencers are the perfect place to find inspiration for all of your home and garden projects.

*This is a collaborative post.