Why natural light in the home is so important

Why natural light in the home is so important

Light is very important in our homes and we need it all the time. The natural light has more advantages compared to artificial lighting. Although some people argue that they carry the same value and effect, nothing can be further from the truth. It is very important to have natural lighting at home. If possible, always design your home in a manner that helps you to access natural lighting. This article will discuss how important it is to have natural light at home. 

Reduces harmful bacteria and organisms

When sunshine and heat are well circulated in the home, bacteria and other harmful organisms are eliminated. This is as opposed to when you only use artificial light. You need to understand that accessing natural lighting can be made possible by opening windows and doors to allow fresh air and sunlight to penetrate. In this way, you will eliminate all organisms and disease causing bacteria that exits and the ones building up. 

Saves energy and money at home

When you allow natural light to penetrate your house, you will put off bulbs. Most people waste energy during the day because the alternative is natural lighting. If you use artificial lighting both day and night, it will become very cost-intensive. It will not be possible to save energy and money with such expenditure on lighting. If you can reduce that by using natural lighting during the day, you will realize that you have saved a lot of money at the end of the month. 

Vital source of vitamin D

This is also called the sunshine vitamin because there is no other way of accessing it. If your home is able to access natural lighting, you will not struggle with vitamin D. more so, you will at least have a solution for different body problems that come with lack of sunlight. You will realize that you don’t struggle with blood pressure, you and your family are naturally happy and the quality of your health improves. 

Lightens the house and makes it beautiful 

A house without natural lighting especially during the day is gloomy. The house does not look even beautiful no matter the quality of designs inside. However, natural lighting makes the house look naturally beautiful, habitable and lively. All manner of stiffness are eliminated by natural lighting. It is even beautiful when natural sun rays cut across the rooms as this makes home appear lively.


In conclusion, we cannot downplay the importance of natural lighting in our homes. This article gives just the tip of the ice bag in regard to how important it is to have natural lighting in our homes.