Working from home – how to switch off!

Working from home - how to switch off!

I’ve worked from home for almost 12 years now, and whilst it has plenty of advantages, there are a few pitfalls too. Thousands of people have worked from home for the first time over the last year whilst workplaces closed in an effort to bring the Coronavirus pandemic under control. For many, this meant working from the kitchen table whilst also having the kids home and it definitely hasn’t been easy! I’ve developed a few tricks though to help me to switch off from work and slide into relaxed mode.

Although I’ve worked from home for some years now, I still don’t have the ideal set up. I don’t have an office at home yet, although this is something I’m working on. Like many others, I work from my kitchen table. This is far from ideal and I’m doing everything in my power to move as soon as possible, but for now, that’s the situation we’re in. This means that whenever we want to eat at the table I have to pack my laptop and work papers away. It also means that my work “stuff” is constantly on show as we simply don’t have the room at the moment for me to have a dedicated work space.

I’ve often found that just closing down the laptop doesn’t really help me to switch out of work mode and into home mode. I need to spend a good half an hour doing something non-work related on the laptop in order for my mind to relax and realise it’s now time to shut off from work.

Playing games online

One of the best ways I’ve found to wind down after a stressful day working, is to head over to an online games site and just lose myself playing games for a little while before closing down the laptop. This really helps my brain to realise that I’m done working for the day and it’s time to focus on me and the family. I’d really recommend giving this a try if you’re struggling to make the transition whilst you’re working from home. There are over 100 games available to play so there’s something for every taste. My personal favourite is Neon Invaders. Based on Space Invaders, it takes me right back to the carefree days of my childhood when I’d get home from school and unwind playing that very game!

So, if you’re struggling to make the transition from working to home life, then try spending even ten minutes playing some games first, I bet you’ll find it makes a big difference.